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Non-Monogamy class Fall 2021

Wednesday’s off 7 to 9 pm.

Nov 24, Dec 1, Dec 8

Zoom website link is connected.

This is the course everybody else that is dipping a toe-in (or diving headlong into) non-monogamy has to take! Here is the tight, beneficial, entertaining workshop lead by Canada’s leading non-monogamy specialist. It offers a copy with the workbook the Suburban Hedonist, plenty of resources & handouts and a chance to truly understand the realm of open relationships.

Look for meanings online of just what moving, or polyamory might be discussed as. Exactly what do they truly suggest?

This course is much like being in the greatest class you may have ever before attended in which everyone has check the book and took part. Read below for details.

The non-monogamous consumers are generally lovers in lasting relationships who don’t should split up but they are eager for even more or different intimate experiences and lovers. Or singles just who know conventional monogamy hasn’t worked for all of them. And there’s no one-size fits all.

Examples of non-monogamy are:

~Living with a 3rd (or triad) and exactly how do you realy cope with that?

~Two couples hooking up with each other (quad)

~Heterosexual pair generating a supplementary male (lonely hot wife)

~Swing groups in which many techniques from mild touching from the dance floor to full blown orgies (and all things in between) happens

~Polyamorous. Method for love several person. But can be somebody who’s married features a girlfriend/boyfriend or more.

~Renewable interactions in most kinds of techniques. Asexual while one spouse provides some other sexual relationships, monogamous however in various towns and cities.

~One union two homes. Or having their committed space within a dwelling.

~Buddy with advantages for an intermittent connect

~periodic hallway goes.

~Group family members or commune.

And a whole lot more examples.

Wanting to navigate it is hard. Give consideration to signing up for united states. It’s the tool package for dealing with non-monogamy without blowing your relationship up.

Every Wednesday for 3 months from 7 to 8:30 pm.

Cost is $225/couple/single for non-Duckling users, or a mere $100 for settled Duckling people. Account has actually it’s privileges.

1. Intros, intent behind working area, particular types of non-monogamy, ways of discovering a person’s very own vocals.

2. Specifics of revealing, Jealousy (Swing, poly and various other non-monogamous types). Principles, what realy works, contracts etc. Non-Monogamy checklist. What’s the wish databases and package breakers

3. what exactly do you need/want. How can you negotiate that? How can you request it and exactly how do you actually believe it is? Discussing and resources for understanding borders.

4. Group conversation about finding possible partners. The opportunity to exercise skills and character play in a secure means. Tales about profitable (and not-so-successful) models of play.

A casual public has occurred in the past together with the team and will be organized later on after the completion in the workshop.

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